Top Twenty

And being in this position, I must raise some tough decisions, and this is exactly contrary to what we talked about. I do not want to use its authority only in some sort of personal gain or personal. I would like that was good for everyone, for all our citizens. Because seriously throughout the world. And now, when there is absolutely no option but to us to agree.

No war now will not bring success. Even if the Indians with Pakistanis – will be a nuclear conflict (there is already felt die 200 million), but the war is over, go on, then everything will remain the same, problems will remain. And there will still need a solution, which we have with you speak. M. Laitman: I am very grateful to you for such a frank answer. I saw a buddy – a live, warm, robust, reasonable.

I am very pleased. But here's our teleconference today, and tomorrow is going to 'Twenty'. Disappointment which must, of course, will happen after this meeting. Next meeting. Another adds frustration. May still have some hope? What do you think? They, of course, to hope – this is a big problem. But there is somewhere opportunity, a way that still people will realize that everything must be discarded and start Here we are gathered here, the Top Twenty, and we are now not be released from this room, as long as we do not agree among themselves. We are a major organs of the body of the world, we owe each other to achieve a harmonious co-operation: one where the government, the bank does not know what.

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