Venezuela: Why Do You Want Both

The homeland of Bolivar for Colombians is a country. Our love for our closest neighbors and we have several reasons to explain some of them. Linkedin wanted to know more. In the seventies the radio and later the Venezuelan television was responsible for providing information and entertainment to the homes of the Colombian border. I remember those times when at 12 days suspended children we were doing, games, surveys, whatever, to listen to Martin Valiente, a radio drama broadcast on Bearings, whose exploits aroused great interest in all people but especially among children and youth. Today, I reflect on the following questions: What is the Latin American country most like us? What is the nation with roots that we share a common history, the privilege of a language as expressive as the Castilian and the colors of a glorious flag flying at the cardinal points of the two countries? What is territory that times of prosperity shared their wealth with the thousands of Colombians who trod its soil and watched the sky hoping to shape their dreams and their families? What is the nation with which the largest share of our borders and the warm waters of the indomitable and fantastic Caribbean Sea? What was the beautiful land where he first saw the light and bright eyes of the Liberator world? What is the stage where the most expressed the temper, the strength of his sword and his strength of character to bathe in glory as the victor in the most important naval battle of the campaign to liberate? Venezuela is a brother and a nation like ours so that the two appear as one country. Today I remember fondly how my father learned of the news heard the news on Radio Maracaibo. So we learned of the treacherous and bloody coup of Pinochet to Allende, the Nixon resignation foreseeable and the minute we disturbing events concern of the Cold War. When the news ended the radio belonged to us kids who got together to follow the adventures of a hero more important than Superman and Batman together.

It was time for Martin Valiente. And there we were, ready to follow his exploits. Today I know nothing but the hero of his country. And so, in the month of the independence of our nations, I would like to hear me screaming across the Border: How I love Venezuela! .

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