WATCH YOUR DOG – The Electronic Guard Dog

The innovative security solution for the four-legged friend with the watch your dog “Hundelocator presents the regional IT companies IMSS an innovative security solution for the four-legged, which facilitates the life of vaccinations and to some worry free.” By means of small waterproof GPS watch your dog box, which is attached to the animal’s collar, the dog can be tracked easily at any time via mobile phone. IMSS picks up on a problem of many pet because own empirical studies to result, thus, 38% of surveyed pet owners indicated that they were already in the situation where they did not know for a long time, where your 4-legged friend is. Over two-thirds said even that she would feel better and safer with the possibility to determine the current location of their animal. The core of the solution is a matchbox small high-tech box that was designed specifically for use in animals. Water and shock resistance were basic requirements. But “Priority No. 1 in the development of the solution was for the pet-friendly company the ease of use: buy, turn on and locate or short plug & play”. So the device at the time of purchase has equipped and configured with an appropriate SIM card.

Without a contract and without binding or on a prepaid basis, the customer receives a ready solution. 85 position queries are already included in the price. After the battery has been charged, can be tracked. The device can be selected from any mobile phone, thereby returned the current coordinates incl. link to Google maps via SMS. Thus, the owner has the possibility to look at the present location of the animal on the mobile phone or manually enter the supplied coordinates to any end device (E.g. navigation system).

If man’s best friend once doesn’t do what you want, master or mistress now has the ability to react quickly, to sit instead of clueless around. But even owners of usage – and rescue dogs can watch your dog your pet see better keep track of serious conditions. Pre-orders are now opposed taken.

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