When Is Offered

Continum AG describes the typical reasons for outsourcing the backup of Fribourg, may 18, 2010 – according to a survey of the Freiburg hosting provider continum AG, online backup now enjoys a high acceptance by the company. However, not only economic considerations and a relief of internal resources are the motives for it to take external services for data backup service. Continum made the typical reasons for online backup together: 1 if the cost will be reduced: the economic benefits is one of the main motives for the use of external backup services, especially as the online process is very easy insert and flexible scale. Practical estimates of savings in the order of up to 60 percent, the average is over 20 percent. 2. If data from departments on their own without complex internal processes should be secured: there can be many reasons for departmental procedures for securing data. for example, if there is also a responsibility for distributed applications.

Online backup supplements this technical organization, a backup on the systems of the hosting partner as a fully automatic service can be carried out without their own backup systems at arbitrary times. 3. for high data security requirements, which can be guaranteed internally limited:, the backup as a downstream feature among the actual core business despite his significant relevance for companies as a whole nor for IT departments. As a consequence of the focus on other IT technical or-organisatorischen tasks but not, may be on the costly operation of a high-security Computing Center. Online backup represents an alternative to the in-house solution then yet to give an adequate orientation of data security. 4. the absence of lean strategies of IT with specific limitation of the operational tasks: increasingly devote company the implementation of concepts to streamline their Organization, to achieve greater efficiency and flexibility. To depict in-House rather than functions functions are transferred more external service providers.

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