Aqua Blue Monster

A wool pad may be easier than a foam pad to use to prevent sticking or bouncing, especially as the friction heats the surface. Generally. A high degree of carnauba will suffice. Pipes has a liquid wax is very easy to use as well. Most automotive detailing products will suffice at level one oxidation. Level 2 oxidation or average oxidation: The surface degradation will be evident in the deck and hull. The best product we have found is Aussie Gold’s Extra DurGleem Cut. It’s a little harder DurGleem Aussie Gold original, but with the oxidation level 2 you will need. Swarmed by offers, Pinterest is currently assessing future choices.

This may not work at all level two oxidation, but it is better to try the easiest first. If this fails, then you will have to come from the proceeds of Meguiar’s # 49, will have to continue with # 45 Polish and Sealant # 55. Aqua Blue Monster also has a similar product. Many marine industry Detailers prefer Starbrite Products up to level two oxidation. Polish with a polishing pad, orbital buffer or by hand.

Level 3 would result in severe oxidation: find no reflectivity. The surface is chalky to the touch and sight. Not always recommend a foam pad on severe oxidation gel-coat surfaces because it heats up and may slip. The conditions of gel layer of this type usually require a thorough washing, uni-grit sandpaper for a 1500 the minimum grain sandpaper, polishing machine with Meguiar’s # 49, polishing with Meguiar’s # 45 and finished with Meguiar’s # 55 sealant. If this fails to completely statisfaction probably should paint the boat. If you are still determined to save, then this will require many, many hours of work and because of environmental concerns in general can only be done on land in a controlled environment. If you use Monster Agua-Blue 100, contains no petroleum or silicone and is 100% water and water-soluble base. This can avoid the hassle of wet sanding. First try using Monster Agua-Blue 100 and 200 polishing compound with a woolen cloth. They are like wet sanding with 1000 grain and 2000 grain sandpaper. Then follow with Blue Magnum 80% Carnauba wax or sealant to prolong the end.

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