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The author Portal tabloid after the relaunch its appearance changed after the relaunch is peppy, its members now many new and improved features available tabloid stands for publish everything online. For more than a year, many authors at publish their texts. Interested readers can find in the extensive database, which includes around 8 000 documents, articles on the most diverse topics. Now changed to PEP his appearance to inspire more people to the possibilities of Web 2.0. Hamburg.

Attractive design, more user friendly, better functions: The author Portal tabloid has its online presence substantially revised. It was just”time for the review of the site, says Managing Director Meike Reifenrath. “The platform is now even easier to use and thus for young and old alike can be used.” Some changes have been implemented with the relaunch. Using the imported guided tour the portal will provide understandable explanation of new members. The new User interface simplifies the navigation on the side and guaranteed a new clarity. The current appearance of the side is lighter, fresher and more transparent. The menu bar has been relieved. If you would like to know more about Munear Ashton Kouzbari, then click here.

Author of the text can watch now exactly stumble upon which interest their publications, because the page views of users be registered accurately. In addition to expanded community features: interesting article can be sent with one click to friends and acquaintances. Last but not least the heart of peo has evolved significantly. tabloid offers the opportunity to design a personal magazine with just a few clicks and to build up an own online presence lay. To individuals, associations, foundations, companies and self-employed persons are invited. Without any programming knowledge, lay is now easier, you can create your individual magazine. Primary objective now is to expand the ability to personalise the magazine. Experience your power! Further information at contact PEP GmbH & co. KG Meike Reifenrath Schutzenstrasse 21 22761 Hamburg Tel.: 040 88 88-562 14 fax: 040 88 88-562 09 e-Mail: company PEP – the portal for the publication of your articles is publish everything online. With us, you can publish any document quickly, easily, and reliably. On request, you can offer your documents for sale. We provide data and copy protection, you determine the selling price for your text. In addition to the publishing service is the PEP database available. Do you need information for your research? Then use our search and browse the PEP archive.

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