Data Protection Packages

Privacy around care with monthly packages of Fulda, 10.01.2014 Kircher privacy immediately privacy packages for small and medium-sized businesses, associations, hospitals and institutions offers. Companies pay a monthly fee and in return receive a privacy around care. The price per month is based on the number of employees of the company. All data protection packages are without a minimum contract period and anytime. The data protection packages require a one-time stock in the company. The costs are calculated per effort.

The data protection package includes a privacy hotline by phone and Internet, creation and management of process directories, information about registration, acquisition and liability, prevent fines, review the applicable privacy laws, review of the imprint of Web pages. There is also a special pecuniary liability insurance policy for the field of data protection. The data protection package companies receive comprehensive data protection and prevent potential risks and violations of statutory provisions. About Kircher Kircher privacy privacy is TuV-certified data protection officer. The shear points are training in the areas of external data protection officer, 9A, privacy concepts, data security and privacy. The target group are small and medium-sized businesses, associations, hospitals and institutions. Especially in the area of health care (medical practice, hospital, clinic, physiotherapy), many data protection solutions could be implemented successfully.

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