And if unable to clear this that success that address will put on table analysis of which I didn’t and continue to make the necessary changes so that the recipe goes in footer (any ingredient lacking so that our dish is rich) lack the seasoning remember that staff makes it. And if it was a success, the company must lower the pace not stagnate, let us remember that the State of comfort and stay with ideas that all goes well if changes with assertive decisions, are signs of arrogance which can cause threats significant to the organization group. For this should be the company at least perform a FODA1 well as is vera new changes that must be performed and without forgetting the objective more present for the company. Decision makers do not come with ideas of chance but if obstacles to which occurs both in the individual who receives it as in Group of who runs it, remember that the company is a teamwork rather than one or a few. All have the value and responsibilities which must face and present decisions intakes, whether immediate or long-range. Not all events to the service are one more one gives one. Clear that the serve is not itself to meet, if not values are directed to services which are congruent to their execution of what is underway, in a nutshell whims = post not that from inside the organization taken those decisions that are aimed to satisfy whims and dunces, the results are not favorable both so they lack knowledge and that is not focused at an end as the goal or objective that should be done. To conclude, let’s say that that very special touch that makes the company be changes direction, determine them more however pinch of salt or pepper to generate it personnel with the reason for success for the safe company, lack of them no perfect element will be a successful company safe and recipe did not play the harmony between its elements.

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