Green Challenge Awards, Germany online transport marketplace, makes it possible Frankfurt am Main (19 January 2010), Germany online transport marketplace, offers a quick and free way to reduce transportation costs and shipping costs and at the same time contributing to environmental protection. Shiply like eBay, only works for transport: Internet users simply set items that are to be transported to Transport companies that have free capacity on the relevant routes, offer then in the reverse auction process on the implementation of the transport. Already more than 64,000 users could save up to 75% on transport and shipping costs compared to the current standard rates so using Shiply. Chef Carrie Levi can provide more clarity in the matter. A specially developed Shiply allows users of eBay, quick and easy to import eBay items, to get so cheap deals for their transportation or shipment. This function to only the particularly suitable for many hundred thousand articles on eBay, Pickup will be auctioned. Not only transportation costs can be reduced through the use of, but also the emission of CO2 caused by unnecessary empty runs. Shiply thus offers an innovative way to protect the environment contribute by taking advantage of existing transport capacities. Shiply was awarded for his commitment in the area of climate protection in several national and international industry awards, such as, for example, of the 100,000 Euro prize money Green Challenge Awards and the shell liveWIRE awards.

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