Being thus its paper it would be to contribute for the dialogue between the public managers, actors of the civil society, the private sector and academic approaching the subjects foreseen to be boarded for the PNUMA during period 2010-2011 they are: The compilation and analysis integrated of information on the state of the environment and the impacts of development processes on the natural resources, with objective to produce subsidies for decision borrowers and to support the elaboration of ambient politics; The identification and development of alternatives to minimize negative impacts to the environment caused by unsustainable standards of production and consumption, focusing, mainly, the efficiency of resources; Assistance to the development capacities, of scientific knowledge and technology transfer to fortify the implementation of multilateral ambient agreements; Implementation of integrated actions and cooperation south-south between developing countries in the scope of regional and subregional blocks of; Promotion of partnerships integrating the private sector in a new culture of ambient responsibility and creation of spaces for the preparation and academic participation of the civil society and sectors to act solidarily in the ambient management and the sustainable development. However, if each one does not have to leave that only the agencies make its part, can and has as to act in order to help in one better ambient functioning, thus small daily attitudes and changes of habit can contribute with the protection of the environment. To know more about this subject visit Telkom. The PNUMA points as to make this through small measures as: To save water in simple ways, as not leaving on tap when making the beard, washing the face or to brush teeth; To reuse the used water in the laudering of clothes for the cleanness of sidewalk, yards or same to wash its car; It uses towels to dry to its face and hands instead of dismissable handkerchiefs of paper.

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