Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are better than you think lately, but we noticed a growing interest in latex mattresses. But why should anyone care? Finally, there are plenty of other mattress types. There are a whole lot of people who are just not able to find a comfortable mattress. Often they have back pain and try again and again different mattresses without having found the right. A latex mattress has a very dense surface with high elastic properties. So for those who are not in the position without pain, to sleep through a night a latex mattress is a completely different feeling conveys an alternative, for unrivalled sleeping comfort. Natural latex in liquid form is collected by hand and then in large vats where it is carefully filtered to remove impurities. Then is poured into large forms, with water emulsified so that air bubbles, and then is slowly heated and Vulcanized.

A chemical process, where the liquid latex is a supple rubber-like condition is reached. Viewed under a microscope, looks exactly the same natural and synthetic LTeX. Natural latex comes from the SAP of the rubber tree (Ficus) and is more environmentally friendly than latex from the petrochemical industry. At the time, latex mattresses are sold to consumers with large price differences between the synthetic / natural latex mix. But there’s no real difference in sleep comfort. All latex mattresses are non-allergenic. But natural latex mattresses are by far the mattresses with more environmentally friendly properties, we believe beds direct.

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