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Now the Shoemaker no longer has the worst shoes that Schuster has the worst shoes. Everyone knows this saying. Team in medias, is thus now final. The Magento Agency has realized to date several dozen Magento stores, but sold their own products on foot. Now, the Agency sold their Magento modules, such as, for example, the tim-affiliate marketing module and the online marketing books of the Managing Director and successful author Dr. Erwin Lammenett on your own Magento shop.

The online store is available at P/Magento/shop. Currently the latest book can be pre-ordered via this shop by Dr. Lammenett. “The book is aimed at operators of online shops and is called online marketing essentials for online shop operator”. For the first time in Germany, there is now a book that specifically covers the essentials of online marketing for shop operators. The readers will learn how to bring more visitors in your online shops, generate more revenue and increase profits. The book is practical and includes many real-life case examples.

It is aimed at Operators of online shops of all sizes. It is for beginners, interesting in terms of a compact overview, as well as for experienced shop operators, which can be inspired by the ideas and case studies ( P/Magento/Shop/buecher/online-marketing-essentials.html) in addition to the books, the Magento modules of the Agency will be sold at the shop. Above all the Affiliate module for Magento, which all over the world a hundred times more is in use. The Affiliate module for Magento is integrated perfectly in the Magento admin interface and requires only a very short training time. Both merchants and affiliates, manage all settings from the Magento backend. Unlimited affiliates can be managed with the Affiliate module for Magento.

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