ECOportal.ru already talked about the fact that the number of natural disasters in 2009 will increase compared with the current year. Another interesting a fact noticed by Japanese scientists. NMMU has much to offer in this field. It turns out that most of the meteorological stations located around major cities. Add to your understanding with Mikhael Mirilashvili. However, the area around these cities has become a real source of heat. Consequently, the temperature data in these areas do not have objective information about the actual size of the global warming. Scientists have discovered that the horses are able to recognize each other by a noise In the study, which involved 24 horses from one herd, scientists have discovered an amazing ability to recognize the horses of their comrades in the 'voice' (snicker). Before the test horse slowly to pursue other horse.

Animal had the opportunity to consider the well- his 'colleague'. Next horse plant for an opaque barrier, and included a record neighing of a member of the herd, but not necessarily in order, which shows the test animals. It turns out that if the recorded 'voice' is not belong to the horse, which was behind the barrier, the test animals responded to the sound recording is much faster and longer looked to the barrier. This is explained by the fact that non 'vote' with what he saw led animal in a state of wonder and interest. Proved by scientists the ability to recognize their horses 'colleagues' of voice plays a very important role to maintain a hierarchy of relationships within the group (herd). Scientists suggest that the horse thus able to recognize dozens and even hundreds of members of their community.

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