Rondon Marshal

Consideraes Final For the improvement of the education of Mathematics efficient a metodolgica alternative is the Resolution of problems, this valley to stand out the responsibility of the professor in adopting this method and hugging the cause, causing from the resolution of problems doubts in its pupils in order to not only develop the logical reasoning, but also the critical thought it pupil, so that it can think, reflect, dare and create solution strategies. However, it is necessary that the professors adopt this form of work in classroom. As aid for the professional development in order significant changes in practical the pedagogical one, importance is distinguished it to carry through a collective work as well as enters the professors of basic education and of the average education of the state school Rondon Marshal, project this that would be planned and inserted in the plan of course of all professors who give lesson of Mathematics. References DANTE, L.R. the didactics of the resolution of mathematics problems.

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