Russian Advertising

If we evaluate 'OpenID', there is a large share of user interest occupy accommodation audio – and video – and photo content, lack of advertising, the possibility of finding a job, interest groups and privacy of information posted (for example, only for friends). Now spent a lot of research about the future of social networking in general, and the need for them in principle. As regards the former, the projections indicate the peak of interest to 2011 maximum, and then make a bet on a network with target load, for example, to find work. Doyle’s is often quoted as being for or against this. Investment interest to developers and owners of the networks is to place the advertising (as is already the practice 'Classmates'), job boards (as in 'OpenID'), as well as ads online shops that while the Russian-speaking social networks are not common, although, given the specified audience of millions interests and personal preferences (you can tell Tselikova marketing research), the niche will undoubtedly take time. According to expert estimates, the minimum initial investment in a network – at least 150 thousand dollars, and it is not considering the costs of promotion. So much require the purchase of 'iron' design and construction of the site, putting it into operation, salaries for programmers, administration and support for the first time. In this case, the more complicated structure of the site, the more services can portal to offer, the more expensive initial investment. A separate question – the cost of promotion. The minimum threshold for advertising costs is not less than 100 thousand dollars, but increased competition compels the owners of new projects to spend money on advertising campaigns to larger.

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