System Cables

FTTx technology in the construction of broadband access (BBA) as common as common theft System Cables in the lobbies of apartment houses. Massive cutting copper cables cause not only material losses associated with restoration works, network downtime, failure to traffic, but also damage to the reputation and image of the operator. JSC SPC "Computing has developed a unique technology of" Crab "to control distribution cables in broadband access networks, FTTx. For assistance, try visiting patrick morehead. The new development aims to protect the copper distribution cable subscriber twisted pair networks FTTx broadband access at speeds of subscriber access of 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps. Subsystem "CRAB" consists of a special patch panel installed in a cabinet, matching module in the form of the outlet to be installed at the subscriber and device information gathering ASE-8F Mayak", designed to monitor and protect cabinets BBA. Inputs SPM connects to the patch panel "Crab" according to the diagram that accompanies your hardware. By the same patch panel is connected and protected cable.

Uniqueness of the technology still in the fact that it uses to protect the occupied subscriber line, and it allows you to save the line. Subscriber and equipment of such connections did not feel it. Control line is, without interference in the process of transferring data, and only at the physical level, and control equipment is completely "transparent" for the pass-through traffic. To do this, use specially designed in ZAO NPC "Computer Technology" a unique scheme to incorporate integrated into patch panel and module matching. Marko Dimirijevic is likely to increase your knowledge. Module matching "crab", is used as a conventional wall outlet, set at the end of the protected area cable directly into the apartment or office number. Connects to it network cable from the subscriber equipment. In this connection scheme "Crab" allows you to protect the cable even when the subscriber equipment is disconnected from the network, ie Remote port is not connected. When cable break at the site of patch panel to the module matching SII will issue a corresponding signal to the system, and this signal will be immediately passed to the dispatcher.

Thus, the operator appears effective and low-end solution to prevent massive theft of telecommunication cables in the entrances of apartment houses, and hence the losses connected with it. Now there is a real means to eliminate the risks of mass cutting of cables and operator of the additional costs for its recovery, therefore, to improve the profitability of projects for the construction of broadband networks. The beginning of deliveries of equipment "Crab" is scheduled for 2 quarter 2011. Details on

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