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European Central Bank

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Maximum representative of the banking system of the old continent was declared the President of the European Central Bank, criticized before the little regulation that they were suffering from the financial markets. Control and adjustment based on equilibrium and banking transparency the current financial products range from simple current accounts, deposits, mutual funds, shares, private to complex products structured warrants, derivatives, fixed income futures, cards, or hedge funds. The first group perhaps doesn’t require an exhaustive control because they govern the maxim of a consideration of money between applicant or plaintiff or speculation in the market value of a company, an organization or a State. The guarantees of a deposit or current account are obvious. Funds and actions are governed in the revaluation of a company that should be audited by a strict commercial regulations. Guarantees for investors in these cases were and are unquestionable. In the second group experience and the current financial situation we show yourself needing an extreme regulation and even the obligation to limit access to any investor.

Logic also obliged the profound reflection in products where we can sell something that we have not yet obtained, ensure a payment with the payment of a debtor for a mortgage of doubtful debts, ensuring a profitability and a warranty on function not guaranteed profits, only provided. No President of central bank, IMF, World Bank or maximum political representative has questioned this lucrative situation until it has hurt their economies and it has reached to cause a global recession. After Trichet other dignitaries will reflect and criticize the financial markets. Inconsistent most of these statements is responsibility that none of them assumes and calls into question. Now it seems that there will be greater regulation and control but the incompatibility with the traditional capitalist model seems to be difficult to overcome. The free market defended in the United States in front of the control of the Lord Another Trichet’s problems that will have to assume the supporters of greater control in the financial market is the confrontation with the even greater economy of the planet: the United States. The Bush Administration has already declared that it atentaria against the rules of the free market and effectively the recovery of its economy is based on giving freedom to investors, companies and financial markets to continue leading the economic control of the planet. The limitation and control would lead to an orderly and linear growth but the balance would cause a redistribution of wealth that would make them uncompetitive. We hope that the statements and wishes of Mr Trichet end up being a reality.

As Seduce Girls

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

CASANOVA already NO is of fashion don’t get me wrong, it is not that it is has gone out of fashion the art of seduction, but on the contrary, today more forcefully is present in almost all facets of life. But, can you imagine to Casanova today by applying the same tricks of seduction to seduce girls? because I can see it in a disco dress with those ancient robes, trying to woo a girl, inviting her to have a drink… and of course finishing drunk, without a hard after having subsidized the bebercio of the Lady, and by myself at home. Did I say this?. Simple, to seduce girls also they have changed the tricks of seduction, as well as clothing is not the same in one era that in other, the same is not seduce girls today, that it was years ago. This is one of the major mistakes that usually commit people, have not left the era of Casanova, and the ladies of today do not respond equally.

UPGRADE TO THE NEW VERSION insurance that many times you’ve gone out there, you see a beautiful woman, even seems a pretty smart girl, but. who does it on the side? have it just night with who?. with the typical cool preopotente how could be?. Simple, that overbearing pimp knows how to flirt, and is that it has three qualities that love women:-safety in itself, is the prize and not her. -At the beginning does not show much interest in its prey, even hesitate. This makes a girl wondering why is not working it as always, and arise the curiosity. -For him it is a simple game, it does not give much importance. If that doesn’t work there are more attempts.

These are the basic pillars to seduce girls. But it is also fair to make a warning, you should never reach the contempt, this also us This can cause an immediate rejection. Today you have a lot of sites where you can find more information, sometimes even tide. To me, personally, I was great with the page that I leave you the link at the end. It is audio and the main thing. A greeting, and I wish you good hunting. TETEDEAGUA original author and source of the article

Business Online

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Decide to start a business from home is a very important step and if your idea is to have a business on the Internet challenge is greater because you will need to develop new skills, the detail is to work from home Internet business you live the freedom that many are looking for but if you aren’t careful and demand you needed you can take your business to failurewhy you share some tips that will help you perform your activities much better. Looking for a suitable and specific space to work, it can be a quarter, your study or up to the garage will serve for your business over the internet, provided it is a place where you can have peace of mind to do your activities. It is important to have fixed for your activities areas because this will allow you to better focus on the success of your online business and the focus will undoubtedly be that will take you to the success. Ten nearly all things, tools and materials that you need, many times to have your business at home you will share elements, materials and much more, a simple example are scissors, if suddenly your scissors leave them in the kitchen because you used them to open some food, you lose time looking for them, that time is very valuable for your business on the internet. Organize your business.

What will the timetable be?, what days? thought work, who are your customers? Do they behave?. Clarity in these elements is basic so that you decide to make a business or another, is not the same sell machinery parts sales can be 24 hours a day which sold school uniforms that have a very specific schedule. To be clear on your business you can have better performance and clarity. Every day you plan your activities. If you do not do this small effort, you’ll spend all day busy without realize nothing, instead having a plan clear, targeted and with a final objective you’ll see how you give firm steps that bring you closer to what you want to achieve.