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Creating Happier Kids

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

A new study carried through for Robert Epstein, professor of psychology and researcher of the University of Harvard, together with Shannon L. Fox, showed the efficiency of ten ' ' types of competncias' ' in the creation of the children proven for some scientific inquiries. Ten attitudes to create happyer children: 1-Love is essential. He is importantssimo to accept and to support the children as really they are, showing it loves that them of this skill and using to advantage each moment next to them. It estresse 2-Manage it.

To reserve a time you to relax, looking for to make exercises or something makes that you well, are something that helps in the emotional balance. If everything this not yet to advance, invests in the psycotherapy to better understand and to control its feelings and action. 3-Ability of the relationship also counts. Pinterest will undoubtedly add to your understanding. To keep a healthful relation with the partner or other important people in its life and the one of the child, demonstrates how much it is important to keep true affective relations. 4-Incentive to the autonomy and independence. Clive Holmes has firm opinions on the matter.

It is basic to treat the children with respect and to stimulate them it if to become confident people and with initiative. 5-Follow the learning. It is important that the parents value and follow the curiosidades of its children, exactly simplest. 6-Prepare for the life. It talks on delicate subjects, as fear, sex and death in accessible language, as well as guiding them and preparing them to assume responsibilities. 7-Attention in the behavior. To recognize and to strengthen positively the good attitudes and to appeal to the punishment only when other methods, as to talk, already had failed a time more than. 8-of eye in the health. Good parents propitiate a style of healthful life and stimulate good habits as regular exercises, hygiene and feeding adjusted for its children.

Infantile Imagination

Monday, December 10th, 2012

The world of the infantile imagination is one petty cash of surprises wonderful! They leave many thoughts, action and commentaries there, for many times, funny. The beginning of the respect what the child says, it is the basic question not to restrain the imagination of the small ones. In this agitated world that we live it is difficult to stop to give attention what the children say. However, this moment is valuable and very important for the development of the child, therefore the imagination is on the creativity and needs to be creative stops detaching in them in the life in society, is not same? Then, it hears what its son says, does not judge anticipatedly, nor undeserves the history that was counted. It stimulates even though launching questions and making suggestions, if the child to allow.

To the end, it helps the child to distinguish on what reality belongs imaginary friend that some children have? The imaginary friend is that personage with which the child talks, plays and to the times until fight. He sees nobody it, except the child. Of the three to the six years more or less, some children are handles so that it can justify itself adequedamente expressing its reasons and until if forgiving. The child fancy that the imaginary friend exists of truth, but, exactly small, knows that it is only a trick. She is common the children to reserve a place of the sofa that amiguinho will only be able to seat! E, parents, does not use the imaginary friend to negotiate with its son. Another question on this subject and that it deserves attention of the parents is that child who does not have real friends and alone it is the time all playing with the imaginary friend and per many weeks.

Training Mission

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The first step in achieving the goals it is important to understand that if you still have not solved the problem, then something is missing. Since it is obvious that we used all known standard approaches, it is necessary to develop a new one. New approach may be produced only when the information volume. That is, to put it another way, lack of knowledge. There is no clarity in the picture, otherwise it would have been simpler. The easiest way to gain knowledge and building an information field, it write an essay on the theme of your problem.

But please do not rush, and to start making a training mission. Describe any simple object. Take a 12-sheet notebook arithmetic, and prescribing the letters in the cells, describes the subject. Proposals must be meaningful, information and does not contain "water". As a rule, first man enough to write a few sentences on the subject, then store of knowledge about the subject decreases. Then, if a person makes an attempt to Again and again he gets a good essay. It is very important to know about the subject of his desire as much as possible, it leads to success. Remember how important the military has intelligence and counterintelligence in the production of industrial espionage, how often police use informal information, such as scientists spend months on a study of tasks that it can be solved.

For example, briefly describe, as I did. Essay on "Simple wooden pencil. " Pencil is an object consisting of two wooden halves glued together, between which lead cylindrical shape.