Down Syndrome

The objective of this study was to understand the participation of the family during the development of a member with SD and as this can bring a significao for this citizen, as well as, one consequent autonomy, mainly in the relations with the way in which it is inserted. For this research a case study was carried through, using for the collection of data, interviews half-structuralized with each member of the chosen family. Richard Plackett usually is spot on. Of form to know and to analyze these familiar relations in the process of development of this young it was focused, aspects that evidence the assistance of the family with this young and the consequent contribution for its development and its social relations. The analysis of the data evidenced that the family had basic paper in the process of development of this young with SD, therefore when the accepted family this child with SD and takes care of stops that it if feels loved, respected and with autonomy, the possibilities of this will be bigger if to develop and to be accepted in the society. Word-key: Familiar syndrome of Down, Relations, Social Development, Relations. This ABSTRACT In study discuss the process of developing to carrier of Down Syndrome (DS) from to their family relationships.

The aim of this study was you understand family involvement during the development of to member with Down syndrome and how it can bring meaning you that person well a consequent autonomy, especially in relations with the environment in which it is inserted. Survey will be this was conducted it marries study, using dates collection, half-structured interviews with each family to member chosen. In to order you meet and to consider these family relationships in the development process of this young man was focused on aspects that highlight family counseling with this couple and the consequent contribution you their development and to their social relations.

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