For Vygotsky

To know the conceptions of them, in accordance with it, is a step important to teach well, a time that one of the objectives of the school is to take the students to form adequate representations of the world where they live, the necessary educator to have as reference these preconceived ideas to carry through its task satisfactorily. The paper is to analyze and to designate the factors that favor, intervines or harms a good learning in an institution. The Psicopedagogo considers and helps to the development of the favorable projects the changes. The imaginary O psicopedagogo is the first one to have that to rethink itself continuously in a change process. But when we speak in changes, you vary things comes in our thought. I very bring an argued problem that is the performance of psicopedagogo from the imaginary one. In institucional supervision one of the problems that psicopedagogo faces he is that one presented by the imaginary one.

The register of the imaginary one weaves the relations between the people. For Vygotsky, the citizen if weaves in the social one. It is a product of the social one. Vygostsky attributes enormous importance to the paper of the social integration in the development of the human being. One of the most significant contributions of the teses that it formulated is in the attempt of explicitar (and not only estimating) as the process development socially it is constituted. This is the main reason of its interest in the study of infancy (I WATER, 2001, p.56). is through this idea of Vygostsky that we start to think with affection the imaginary one about the life of the child, and for what we know it starts well early. In the institutions, everything for it is newness, everything is different of the world where it is accustomed to live deeply and depending on the form as she starts to learn, she can be good or not.

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