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Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Why to work? Out/2010 Concept: The Work and the Job. Work: Physical or intellectual activity that it aims at to some objective; work, occupation. Job: Occupation remunerated and determined the one that somebody is dedicated. Without a doubt the job (remunerated occupation) takes very by our time. Because of it, many times, we leave to give attention to many things of value in our lives.

But what God waits of us with regard to the job? We know that to work Mr. is an order, and in the modern societies our occupation is not in the land, ploughing, planting, but in the job. How Christian, as I must face my work (job)? 1.Obedeo to the order to work (GN 3:19). With this, God I supplied (FP 4:19) my necessities and of my family (accounts, clothes, food, leisure, easinesses), since that I work with zeal and devotion. I do not exaggerate in the time that I dedicate to the work (we perceive this when other areas as marriage, children, my mind and body is to desire), therefore God has other priorities for me (SL 127:2). What God me of the one beyond my necessities, I must understand as blessing, and to be more generous in donations (I TM 6:17 /18). 2.Aprendo to be submisso to the will of God, liking what It gave to me. With gratitude and allegiance I develop an intense desire for the will of God in my life.

I search to learn to like it job/work that It gave to me me to amuse, and to be useful being applied my talentos (EC 2:24). I search accomplishment, autodesenvolvimento and joy in what I make, therefore I believe that Its decision to place me in this or that place is the best one for my life (RM 8:28). 3.Aprendo to love me exactly. With gratitude and allegiance I obey the order to love me exactly (MC 12:31) (I TS 4 11/12).