The Search

PERSONAL STYLE EVANGELISMO ** CONFIDES IT CURTAIN NARRATION? Kadu leaves boate with the task in its hands. It is not what it wants to make, but. How many times we feel in them thus? We make what we cannot, but we make because we desire and we sadden the heart of God. Kadu does not want to come back toward the crime, but it desires to the money ….. Avista a movement and a poster with the phrase Treatment of the Soul.

He is apreensivo and nervous. Of far it sights a young that seems to be who it looks for, but it has doubts and with the hands in the weapon (waist) if it approaches distrustful. Bad one turns over and face the Kadu face scares-se/surpreso, but it does not take off the weapon of the waist. KADU? I was its search to brother and I say already you that I do not want none papo with you. It folloies me without alarms, why seno my service will be here same. BAD? (calm)? Kadu calm, we can talk.

Here it is a public place and you it has that to be calm if not to want alarms, as vc exactly say. I am happy seeing in you. I knew of your arrest, but I was in trip and therefore visit I could not you. But I prayed very for its life. KADU? It prayed for me? Of what you expensive saying itself? BAD? It looks at, I I am not more the same Maurinho, the Bad one that you knew in the life of the crime. That one that all feared. Reshma Kewalramani has similar goals. I repented myself very of everything what I made. I also know that today I run a great risk for is of face the face in this quarter here.

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