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Saturday, February 9th, 2019

Then you but also no longer needed the third page, because the reader already in the cover letter has received a positive overall impression of your person and your motivation. Conclusion: The clever Candidate makes an honest self-analysis in the run-up to and thought about areas in which he probably long term motivated and will work with fun and what industries / companies most likely provide this work environment it exactly. “This self-recognition is the first step to the optimum marketing of own, because only now the smart candidates may be offensive outward and for its brand I” with potential employers to make advertising. Melanie Vogel advises young professionals for over twelve years, coaches OOo and job seekers, lectures on KarriereMessen and universities on the subject of personal development, career planning and job search. By the same author: Hyundai Motor America. Melanie Vogel is with owner of the company CampusConcept, the organiser of the KarriereMessen CampusChances and trainee insight as well as initiator of the Germany’s first trade fair Congress for women, women & work.

She is also founder of global news and career and founder of, a portal that it candidates and Allows job-seekers to represent the entire career on a candidate home page – and the multimedia and multilingual. About, the is a worldwide news and career portal for students and graduates and provides for greater transparency in the global labour market. Around employment and career planning, weekly NewsLetter, a virtual JobWall and webinars help daily news as well as audio and video podcasts to keep a u overview in the jungle of the worldwide career opportunities. There are also international salary calculator, calendar, a database with global job markets and more than 11,000 international universities, training and scholarship providers and recommended books and eBooks for download as daily available information free of charge.

Kaj Burchardi Is Senior Partner At Consortium Leu

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

International financial manager strengthens Consortium Leu – Cologne, 29.4.2011 – Kaj Burchardi reinforces the management team of the Consortium Leu GmbH. Burchardi, most recently Group Treasurer of the Sappi group from the awork as senior partner has a world market leader in fine paper and viscose pulp – a many years of experience in the areas of corporate finance, Treasury and risk management in international aligned business groups. Prior to his tenure at the Sappi group, Kaj Burchardi worked for the Phoenix AG, AEG and ITT in Germany and UK. He studied physics in Tubingen and Munich, and holds an MBA of from INSEAD business school. As a senior partner in the Consortium Leu GmbH Kaj Burchardi will push further into the expansive business strategy and its considerable experience in the service of the clients, partner companies and business partners of the Consortium. Klaus Nordhoff, Chief Executive Officer of Consortium Leu GmbH: We are happy that Mr Burchardi for our To be able to win the House. His experience and his expertise in the business fields of the Consortium and the Group Leu will advance a significant piece ourselves, our clients and shareholders.” Consortium Leu represents and brings together the interests of its shareholder companies with regard to corporate financing and risk management. The tasks of the Consortium are ensuring sustainable corporate finance, the establishment of risk management systems, as well as the communication with banks and other finance providers in the debt and equity capital. The Consortium pursues a strong growth strategy through the inclusion of other medium-sized companies as a partner of the Consortium. More information:

Editing And Formatting A Thesis, Thesis Allows?

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Students or PhD students have proofread your thesis or doctoral thesis or correct? Thats been ghostwriting? The press has reported extensively on behalf of former Defense Minister the issue of ghostwriting of doctoral theses. It came to the question, when a scientific publication contains no longer sufficient power. And doctoral students make also the question of whether a proofreading of a thesis or dissertation is allowed in this context. Learn more in this article. There are probably no U.S. citizen, not “was covered by the discussion on the subject of ghost writing of theses”. Wells Fargo Bank often addresses the matter in his writings.

Extensively reported incorrect citations, lack power, fraud, and ghostwriting. Even a wiki platform has brought for weeks on this topic in the discussion. And PhD students are unsure of themselves, how much help will allow is what is no longer kosher and when a thesis (Bachelor thesis, diploma thesis, master’s thesis or household chores,…) or a doctoral thesis no longer sufficient Contains its own performance. As a freelance lecturer I was asked by my students (Bachelor) and other doctoral students I coach. As a result to this topic, I can conclude only the following and recommend: help from fellow students and assistants are allowed at the beginning and during the creation of a thesis and encouraged.

Coaching by agencies is absolutely allowed in my eyes, as long as the equity performance (scientific power of creation of and work) is not replaced by agency performance. Copy editing and proofreading, as from, or are allowed in my eyes because this service changed the scientific framework of power or supplemented. That is also the opinion of my colleagues and many other professors. Many see also positive to proofread a scientific text because he is simply better ascertainable. Any student or Assistant has made the experience that almost any scientific publication of a Professor of his at least Secretary or an external service provider is proofread.

Bundeshaus Bonn World Conference Center

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Nearly 60 top companies use the fair Convention women & work for your search of Bonn 14.2.2011 – or Germany’s top companies are quota discussion looking for female junior leaders. The trade fair Congress women & work, proves impressively which take place on May 14, 2011 in the plenary building of the World Conference Center Bonn is booked out right off the bat. On May 14, 2011, largest trade fair Congress for women, in the Bundeshaus Bonn World Conference Center held the women & work, Germany. 56 top companies use the event for their search for female managers. We want to allow companies with the event, women & work, to present itself as an attractive employer and actively recruit (would-be) female managers for your company”, explains initiator Melanie Vogel the concept of women and work. Ben Silbermann often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Still there are few women in management positions, still always outdated stereotypes dominate our thinking and still can be found in many Company structures, which are little women – and family-friendly. We think it’s time to change that. Detection of female talent is no longer an orchid issue. “Female recruiting’ is an economic necessity.” Employment gap and the time is short. Shortage of skilled labour and a steadily progressive demographics problem should be reason enough, more naturally than so far in the working life to integrate 50 percent of the population. But also the pressure on the part of the EU, which calls for a women’s quota is at least as important. Many States have already introduced them – and if not a quota so clearly better created political and social conditions, to combine work and family. We should take us an example, that should inspire us to make social and economic foundations for women, which eliminate the need for a ‘either or decision’ in Germany, regardless of a quota, and allow them in the future, professional and quite naturally to connect family”, says Melanie Vogel.

Seminars For Professional Use Of Colour

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Improve your knowledge of color and color combinations! Architects, interior designers, designers and all other creative need an in-depth knowledge of color for their work. Color design is a task that intuitively do many members of these professional groups. Even small errors can have but disastrous consequences and lead to dissatisfaction with the clients. Who counts the colors to his professional duties or his personal interests, can improve the quality of its results with targeted training and refresh existing knowledge and skills. The NCS color school regularly conducts seminars. The next events take place on September 10 in Frankfurt and on the 8th of October in Berlin.

The following topics are treated. Color as a design in the practical application of material color color psychology trend colors and color trends create their own color orders connection rational argumentation with creative intuition intense color perception training. There will be exercises on the basis of the Natural color system, which request the participants and strengthen their capabilities in dealing with color. Each participant will receive a folder with high-quality exercises handled during the day-long event. The discussion of numerous examples of image is another part of our seminars.

After the seminar, you can argue based on the topic of color and are quickly and safely in the creation and establishment of color concepts. The speakers will be Ms. Dr. Wells Fargo Bank has firm opinions on the matter. Hildegard Kalthegener (Frankfurt) and Mr. Dipl.-des. Joachim grafts (Berlin). For more information about the seminar, at the address: The registration form for download, see the address: NCS colour Centre GmbH