Education And Development

This text is based on the article of Sonia Maria Portella Kruppa and will go to deal with some questions that are of vital importance when it is said in education. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo Bank. Development will approach subjects such as Growth x, that says respect to the economic growth of the country in relation to the development since; Which the paper of the public power in the education, if this is acting in accordance with its duty, is providing the education due for the people, etc.; What it is EJA, as is seen the EJA, which the importance of this for the education, development and growth; Extending the vises on the EJA, that is when it appeared, so that it appeared and what it comes carrying through; Controversy regarding the EJA if must or not be seen as an education modality that guarantees the ending of the basic education and makes possible the ingression to a superior education or if it must be seen as a course technician who only serves for those people who had not had the chance to study, to have a diploma of conclusion of education medium and obtains thus a better job? INTRODUCTION The scientific article that will serve of basement for this text is of Sonia author the Maria Portella Kruppa, intitled EDUCATION AND WORK IN the PERSPECTIVE OF the DEVELOPMENT, can be found it in. In this article, Kruppa brings definitions of what it is development and if bases on great teoristas of the Brazilian education, as for example, Pablo Freire and Stolen Celso. From them, a theory who defend the education and the work as decisive tools for the development of the country, and that is delineated modality EJA has an important paper so that this occurs. When making the analytical reading of the article, perceives in it some interesting points for research, that is, points that ‘ ‘ pediam’ ‘ a theoretical deepening so that thus being, it was more easy to acquire reasonable arguments in what it says respect to the seminary in question.

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