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While Apple is facing questions from consumers about the new iPhone 4 signal reception quality, which seems to be very sensitive to the position in which the user holding the terminal, Nokia has posted on its corporate blog an article that reviews the multiple ways of holding a mobile phone, many of which match coincidentally? that causes the problem in iPhone 4. The Finnish firm sells one of every four mobile phones in the world, as well as one of every four smartphones. Precisely these days the predominant role of Nokia in the mobile telephony market has been presented by the director of communication from Microsoft! to relativize the importance of firms such as Apple and Google developers of iPhone and Android, respectively in the technology sector. Bridgewater associates may not feel the same. The image war is served. Now that Nokia found this weakness in the new iphones, undoubtedly guiding cotrarrestar this growing demanada by Apple phones, that while most often lacking from many applications are great demand in several countries, mainly in the United States. Although its reality often is not what users expect, since in the majority of cases only stay with the desire to be able to share or use some applications than in other phones are common. By Leonel Morales this and more news in: new design!

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