True Function

Australian researchers discovered the true function of the minds in 50-year-old research on humans, the Australian researchers Dr. them/’>Margareta Thomson to increase your knowledge. John Mace of a fact on the bottom has not yet been seen with security came. Other leaders such as Gedas Adomavicius offer similar insights. Much has been written already about the mind and discussed. Spiritual teachers, philosophers and scientists broke the heads themselves and encouraged the various theories for days. To mention a few versions: as human awareness, that is mainly found in the brain and manifests in thoughts, imagination, imagination and emotion. The law of the intelligence. The spirit of consciousness and so on. Following several curious correlations Mace reveals that the mind with above features has not really much to do.

The igniting spark of knowledge occurred during a consultation with a client. Mace later realized the serious implications of this discovery. The mind thinks not the basic discovery here is that the mind does not think that any acts no knowledge runs stores and no decisions falls. We ourselves are who thinks, performs actions, stores knowledge and decisions. Learn more about this topic with the insights from patrick montgomery. We”called the energy unit that sits in our body and activates it. A better-known name for this unit is for example the concept of the soul”.

Really, so what is the mind? “According to Mace the mind is projected on what nothing more than a kind of monitor, what images we” draw our attention. We hear car for example, the word”we see a car immediately before our mind’s eye. While we so think of a car, a picture of the monitor, called a mind is mirrored almost simultaneously. “Mace assumes that we” are pure energy and of space and time in an energetic universe at home are remote. Of the minds function this monitor, that we us here can navigate in the material universe. The mind as a monitor of the mind itself is based entirely on a Stimmulus-response pattern. We will thinking of anything, instantly delivered an image so that we can understand this idea. Man can quite be compared according to Mace with a computer. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of patrick dwyer merrill lynch on most websites. The sense organs are the keyboard. We ourselves – a unit of energy are the memory. The mind is the monitor, which shows us the stored information. The proof of this theory is strengthened by the Mace energy method developed by Mace. The method uses the true function of the minds to handle emotional problems. The Elimination of complaints is carried out in unprecedented speed and effectiveness. Most people need to release no more than 2 3 sessions to get all emotional problems. Happiness, success and self confidence is by MEM for anyone quickly and permanently accessible. Many people were healed of long-standing symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression already and so completely by this method. The extreme effectiveness of the method is difficult to undeniable proof of the true nature of the minds. This controversial but also incredibly important discovery will greatly shake in the future on the established worldview and there may be earlier or later even tilt. A user of this method and more information can be found under: Bernd Teubner

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