Where to start? In order to start making a living translating, it takes time. Therefore, those who do not have sponsors (parents, spouses or other interested parties) must first of all, get a job. Best interpreter for any wages (especially for beginners no choice) in any department transfers or transfers to the state agency to work for you look close the editor. At the same time you can dial a clientele (planning become a freelance) or to look a place with good salary (preferring to work in the state). Here, Ben Silbermann expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If you get a translator outright failed, should go a manager in any forward-looking industry (banking, oil) – preferably in a foreign company. This will allow the type of vocabulary and to specialize in certain subjects.

(All reputable employers appreciate professionals, not just translators wide profile.) What do I do? Go the sites of vacancies, to respond to messages, send a resume. It should not go for massive, but to try to carefully work out of every suitable opportunity. This means, first, that graduates should not inyaza impersonate an experienced medical interpreter or qualify for transfers poorly mastered language pair. And, secondly, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements of employers. Written by: call – call, says: to write – write and ask send resume – send, do not ask – do not send. And all the time, place yourself in the shoes of the employer. Imagine, for example, that you receive on a daily basis dozens of files with the unassuming title resume.doc, and you guessed my name Summary Petere_Ivanov.doc.Rezyume correctly written resume – half the success.

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