Lower Volga Cossacks

The example of that when the ruthless Tamerlane defeats his rivals, the only soldiers, whom he had been spared Yaik Cossacks, who were among those at the service. Knowing and appreciating the fighting qualities of these soldiers, he usually gave them life, then to include in the composition of its forces, to make valiant horsemen to serve him. Over time, Yaik Cossacks and their families stationed in the service of the Horde, began to leave and go Yaik the service of the Russian princes. In the middle of the XV century with the collapse of the Golden Horde in the Lower Volga Cossacks settled disappears population. The reason – the constant threat of attack by Nogai and Astrakhan khanate. Incessant raids of the Tatars in the Cossack villages and hamlets, made it impossible to stay there families and relatives of the Cossacks. Many of the Volga and yaitsih Cossacks entered the service of Moscow prince Ivan III. Came to the throne, Tsar Ivan IV (the Terrible) to fight Asian khanates attracted to the service of troops in the wars with the tested fragments Golden Khanate, including more than 15,000 Don, Terek and Yaik Cossacks, as well as 10 000 Tatar cavalry.

These forces played a major role in the capture of Kazan by Tsar Ivan IV. Having conquered Kazan Ivan the Terrible conquers Astrakhan. At the same time Yaik Cossacks in the army chieftain Yermak Timofeyevich participate in the Battle of the Baltic, after which he was entrusted with protecting the southern borders of the Muscovite tsar.

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