Nonmaterial Motivation

Creative Workshop Andrew Kislyuk mid-2003 working on creating an extraordinary project "Star Corporation," which serves to develop and strengthen team spirit in the company, increase customer loyalty staff team building. Over the years we have earned the trust of managers and employees of many large plants in St. Petersburg, such as: Big Yard Seating Vodafone ENGECON, RESO-Garantia, Eurosib, Meatland, Clinic Scandinavia, Talosto and others. The idea is to provide entertainment corporate event as a "chart" hit parade "video clips", representing a variety of staff performances. If you would like to know more about Wells Fargo Bank, then click here. That is, "Stars" of corporate events, becomes the company's staff. The principle of "Star Academy", where c is inexperienced in the scenic skill people are professional authors of the texts, arrangers, sound engineers, stage director.

It should be stressed that directly address "corporate stars" at the event is only the culmination, the crowning work together employees of the Company. In the process of "Star" of training, in addition to creative implementation staff, achieved another important goal in the team are informal communication, employees learn how to again, communicating with each other outside of the usual functions, performed in the company. Participants (15-20 most active employees) are invited to prepare a musical number to speak during the festive event. Prepare a professional writer reworked lyrics song-hits, which reflect the most interesting aspects of the company. Since the project participants are not professional artists, songs performed by employees are recorded in the studio, and then, under leadership of the director, based on audio tracks becoming a professional cabaret numbers. It is also important that the concept of event allows you to create up to corporate event movie, which includes clips, funny moments working, as well as footage from the festive evening. If this project has caused you concern, we are ready to provide you with any information in a convenient form. "Workshop Kislyuk Andrew."

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