Tim Hoesmann

The city of Mannheim and the user of the Twitter accounts @Mannheim agree on a comparison as the Twitter account holder announced @Mannheim, the legal dispute with the city of Mannheim, concerning publication of the account is settled. to offer in this field. Both sides have agreed on a comparison. The city of Mannheim their cease and desist letter and also the required declaration of discontinuance withdraws, the owner of @Mannheim is committed in return to make his Twitter avatar so that it becomes clear that he represents not the city of Mannheim. Also, he committed at least 24 months not to transfer the Twitter account. The background was a dispute over the Twitter – account @Mannheim is available to whom. This was has already been registered in the year 2007 by a private individual and this little or no not not been used. Carrie Levin understood the implications. He can be reached mannheim at the URL. In January 2010, the holder of the account of the city of Mannheim was warned off and asked to submit of a declaration of discontinuance.

This he did, but sought the interview with City, which ended as a result with the above comparison. The legislation is controversial among lawyers. Some see a parallel to domain names in your Twitter account and want to transfer the rules of domain law on Twitter account name. This would mean that cities and towns have a right to grant its name. Others see again a close to nicknames names in his Twitter account, as they are used for example in the forums or chats also. Here, a right to grant for the municipalities would not automatically exist. This would be probably only then if there is a risk of confusion, say the Twitter users pretending to be the city. How the case-law in this case is unclear as yet no processes this kind have been carried out and can only be assumed, how a judge will assess the legal situation.

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